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by Dr. Diane Kramer

Is the Long Island Marriage Counseling Center in Huntington, NY for you?

Welcome! I assume you have arrived at the Long Island Marriage Counseling website because of one or more major problems in your relationship – and lots of pain and hurt. If all were wonderful, you would be finding very different ways to spend your time.

I am guessing that your troubles are most likely caused by an affair (emotional or otherwise), financial issues, parenting issues, emotional over-reactivity, distancing and secretiveness, or mistrust, disrespect, and lack of integrity.

Maybe it’s fighting and angry attacks, poor communication, interfering parents, or just plain power struggle over how things get done and decisions made.

At this very point in your marriage, you may be at the ‘Can’t Leave, Can’t Stay’ stage. You are probably wondering: “Is there any hope here or should I go for divorce? Can I ever have the relationship I want (I call it the ‘Good Marriage’.) with this mate? Is it too late, too much pain, too many bad memories? “

Searching for answers means you are getting ready for change. I predict you will either up-end the status quo and go to a lawyer, or you will take control of the relationship and bring about positive change. (A third alternative is settling for living in misery, which tends to squeeze the life out of a person.)

One way to bring about positive change is by going to marriage counseling – a good idea!

We have discovered what makes some couples stick in their marriage and benefit from marriage counseling and others break apart. It is not simple. Yet we have helped hundreds change the old painful patterns and prevent divorce.

Let us help. Call for an appointment at the LI Marriage Counseling Center (Dr. Diane Kramer – 631-553-1476 or  dkramer@peakskillslearning.com).

Our couples who come for counseling wrestle with such issues as:

  • Divorce
  • Cheating and affairs (emotional and otherwise)
  • Coldness and distance
  • Constant or erratic fighting
  • Secretiveness and lying
  • Conflicts in parenting, finances and work/home responsibilities
  • Control and communications problems
  • Blaming, complaining or attacking

Long Island Marriage Counseling – How We Work With You:

Marriage Counseling is hard work. When couples decide to stick to their marriage, they must embark upon a journey of renewal and change. In marital therapy at the Long Island Center, we help couples PAUSE the Vicious Emotional Cycle of Attack and/or Escape and uncover the key core issues in their marriage and in their own personalities that cause them to have difficulties. During the marriage counseling, we help the couples to understand and change key core patterns. We get each spouse to begin the marriage change process that results in respect, trust, integrity, support, caring and love – the ‘Good Marriage’.

When instead the couple decides to end the marriage relationship, they must face separation, setting up separate households and transforming their parenting roles. On Long Island, breaking up a marriage is especially difficult because of the costs involved, as well as the burdensome legal system. If that is your decision, we offer divorce mediation through our partner, the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation. We also offer divorce, post-divorce and family counseling to help you through this difficult time of emotional and financial crisis.

Long Island Marriage Counseling Center – We Offer:

  • Marriage Assessment and Marriage Counseling
  • Individual Therapy during the Marriage and post-Marriage
  • Family Therapy as needed for the marriage and the children
  • Divorce Mediation from the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation for when it is time to end the marriage
  • Divorce Consulting so you learn your rights and know what to expect from the courts and the lawyers as you exit your marriage

I would love to discuss your needs further.  Give me a call at 631-553-1476 or email me at   dkramer@peakskillslearning.com to discuss how I can help, or to make an appointment at the Long Island Marriage Counseling Center.

As an experienced marriage counselor for more than 35 years, I believe I can help.

(Note: If you are interested in individual therapy, please click Long Island Therapist.)

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