Long Island Therapy for Individuals

by Dr. Diane Kramer

As a Long Island Therapist with more than 35 years of experience doing therapy on Long Island, I hold as tremendously important the life of each of the people who come to see me for counseling. While they all have different issues and problems, my goal for them is always the same: to move from suffering to satisfaction and success in love relationships, family life, career, business, health and finances.

When you come to see me at my Long Island therapy office at the Long Island Marriage Counseling Center in Huntington, you will be made comfortable and relaxed, even if you have never seen a therapist on Long Island or elsewhere. Then we will start talking about what brought you to my office and what you hope from the therapy. I will be paying strict attention to what is not working in your life and what needs to happen so that your life works. By the end of the first or second visit, you will have an understanding of what will happen in the therapy to bring about the changes you want in your life.

My years of experience as a Long Island Therapist and Psychologist has made me very successful in doing therapy. I will give you all my attention, expertise and help so that you get what you want in your life.

I also offer Long Island Marriage Counseling and for those who want the benefits of a group, the Extraordinary Self Program.

Please contact me at dkramer@peakskillslearning.com to let me show you how I can help you, or to make an appointment.

Warmly, Diane

Dr. Diane Kramer, Long Island Therapist
Licensed Psychologist
Long Island Marriage Counseling Center
Huntington, NY 11743